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All staff present during any SBA test session must complete the appropriate training and submit a Test Security Assurance Report.  You do not need to repeat the training or certification if you completed those steps prior to the Fall 2021 SBA.  Everyone still needs to complete the Test Security Staff Assurance Report – Prior to Testing

Staff who will be actually starting a session and proctoring must view this PowerPoint:

Training PowerPoint for TA SBA/WCAS and follow these TA Certification Instructions


Staff who are only present to monitor students during the test but will not be logged in to the test system itself must at a minimum view this PowerPoint: Basic Security Training for Non-TA Staff


After you have finished the steps above complete both of these forms (which replace the printed assurance and training log forms you have completed in previous years):

Test Security Staff Assurance Report – Prior to Testing

Training Log for State Assessments


More potentially helpful information and links:

Test Administration Manual (the whole thing)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Practice and Training Test Activity

TA Script of Student Directions – SBA​​​​​​​

Read Aloud Guidelines

Office of Research and Assessment State Assessment Sharepoint Page


Contact Information:

Ralph Hayden, x6435.  Cell: 360-296-9255

Office of Research and Assessment:

Tiffany Sutherland x4437 360-927-8032
Charlotte Davis x4436 360-746-9597