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My Capstone Library (Username: capstonesummer, Password: interactive19)


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Link to Typing Club

PebbleGo (parkview/school)

Library Search

World Book Student

BookFlix (pvbell / flix)

TrueFlix (no longer subscribed)


Bellingham Public Library

Typing Agent


Links to library projects and activities

Important Names and Terms of The Revolutionary War

National Park Service Sites in Washington State

Biography Overview Table 

List of Explorers

List of counties in Washington

List of National Fish Hatcheries in the United States

Award Books and Nominees

State-Wide Book Awards 2018

Caldecott Medal – The most distinguished American picture book for children.

Newbery Medal – The most distinguished contribution to American literature for children.

Sasquatch Nominees

Young Readers’ Choice Nominees

Washington Children’s Choice Picture Book Award Nominees



The Jackelope Conspiracy

Website Evaluation 1

Website Evaluation 2

Website Evaluation 3


Application Catalog



Past Projects

List of Counties in Washington State (Wikipedia article)

Washington State County Seat Road Trip Checklist One

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