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Welcome to Yeti 2019…

First, please read the Yeti Guidelines and Contest Rules.

See Mr. Hayden to Sign Up.

Then Practice.  Click here for online practice quizzes, just like the district contest!  Please note that this leads you to a Lowell Elementary School web page and be sure to thank Mrs. Christensen for creating and sharing these practice quizzes.

The Contests

Parkview School Contest @ Parkview Library, 12:40

  • Fifth Grade: Wednesday, February 13th
  • Fourth Grade: Wednesday, February 27th

District-Wide Contest @ Birchwood Elementary School, 1:30

  • Fifth Grade: Thursday, February 28th
  • Fourth Grade: Thursday, March 7th

Please contact Mr. Hayden if you have any questions or suggestions.

The 2019 Yeti List (click for a printable list)

  • A Night Divided
  • Catstronauts: Mission Moon
  • Fuzzy
  • Ghost
  • It Ain’t So Awful, Falfel
  • Jasmine Toguchi: Mochi Queen
  • The Midnight War of Mateo Martinez
  • Ms. Bixby’s Last Day
  • Pax
  • Save Me a Seat
  • The Tapper Twins Go to War
  • The Wild Robot